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Beautiful and precious metal that embodies the sun, was always the symbol of glory, prosperity, heavenly fire, health and eternal life. It was also assosciated with beauty and perfection. Its main use was found in industry, but beacuse of its remarkable qualities it also found its use in medicine and cosmetology.
Healing capabilities of the gold were known since the days of ancient Egypt. In traditional Chinese medicine it was as used anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti aging remedy. Gold was used for curing different ailments of soul and body. It was believed that gold is capable to accumulate the energy of the sun and generously bestow it back to its owner.
Science has proved excellent bactericide properties of this metal and its ability to act as a conductor for essential micro elements improving blood flow, stimulating the exchange processes of the body and breathing of the skin.
Gold leaf treatment used in Japan, has shown that it is able to rejuvinate the skin and reduce wrinkles. According to the results of this treatment, moisture is locked by the gold which keeps the skin firm thanks to the preservation of collagen and suppresion of the breakdown of elastin. Further studies of gold leaf treatment have shown that there are significant improvments in mouth legions and skin ulcers with no adverse reactions to gold leaf observed.
Benefits of the gold in skincare :

-Regenerates the skin and renews the cells;
-Makes the skin firm and smooth;
-Rejuvenates the skin;
-Stimulates the blood flow;
-Improves skin nutrition and its breathing;
-Removes toxins from the skin;
-Fights with skin diseases;

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